United Kingdom-based singer, Daniel Damilola Nejo, aka RainyMilli, has dropped his official single, Eko to London.

Born into a polygamous home in the Ajegunle area of Lagos, Milli said his rough background made him focused in life. He stated, “My father married four wives and I have10 siblings. I was born in Ajegunle and we all know the vices people are exposed to there. But I have always desired to become the best version of myself, which was one of the reasons I moved to the United Kingdom in 2015 to acquire a master’s degree in Business Information Systems Management.”

According to him, he had started singing even before leaving the country. He said he started singing professionally at the age of 16 as a student of Ajayi Crowther University.

He added, “I released some singles and two mixtapes when I doing my first degree in Lagos. But I see Eko to London as my debut single. The song has an infectious sound and beat that will capture your attention and put you in a dancing mood. It also talks about the negative stereotype Nigerians get overseas.”

For the video of Eko to London shot in London, Milli stated that he deliberately put Nigerian culture in the spotlight by speaking about the food, anKara cloths and a host other things.

Writtern by Punch Newspaper